Alisha Lister

1 to 1 Support Worker & Room Leader
Cocoon Room
My name is Alisha and I am qualified in Level 3 Early Years.
I have two different jobs at CCOOSC, my first one is the Room Leader for the Cocoons and my second one is being a 1 to 1 Support Worker. Outside of work I love being active and going on adventures on the moors. I also volunteer at my local Scout Group in the Beaver section which is something I love to do.

Favourite Activity to do at CCOOSC: I love messy play activities
Favourite Children's Film: Beauty and the Beast (or anything Disney)
Favourite Children's Song: 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed

Bella Jones

Childcare Apprentice

Bryony Kaba

Nursery Manager
My name is Bryony Kaba, I have over 15 years experience in Childcare and have my Level 5 in Early Years. I am currently doing my degree in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at The University of Huddersfield.
My role is Manager of the setting, providing support to families and children, working to provide an enriching and fun environment!
I am a mum of 2 beautiful girls Naiyla and Millie.

Favourite Activity to do at CCOOSC: Story time
Favourite Children's Film: Coco
Favourite Children's Song: Green Frog Song

Caroline Spencer

Childcare Practitioner

Diane Dean

Room Leader
Caterpillar Room

Emily Edgar

CCOOSC Director
I'm a proud mother of two with a passion for working with children and local communities. I have over 20 years of study and experience including a BAHons Degree in Youth and Community Work, Level 3 in Playwork, Diploma in Management and Certificate in Child Psychology to name but a few. I have 13 years experience of working with children and young people in various roles and communities around Kirklees, all of which have been rewarding and lead me to my position at CCOOSC.

Favourite Activity: Arts & Crafts and Trip Days!
Favourite Children's Film: Finding Nemo
Favourite Children's Song: Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid

Lauren Keyworth

Nursery & 1 to 1 Support Worker

Leanne Williams


Leoni Hanson

Nursery, 1 to 1 Support Worker & Room Leader
Cocoon Room

Lindsey Scarcliff

Childcare Practitioner and Room Leader
Butterfly Room

Lyndsey Spencer

Childcare Apprentice

Megan Scowen

Childcare Practitioner

Samantha Scowen

Administrative Assistant

Samuel Baseford

Nursery & 1 to 1 Support Worker
I am qualified in Paediatric First Aid and have a Level 3 Children and Young People NVQ. In my spare time I love playing music and being with my son. I enjoy participating in charity work such as Music 4 MS and working with other Musicians. I enjoy learning new things and being the Worship Leader at my Church.

Favourite Activity to do at CCOOSC: Football with the children
Favourite Children's Film: Elderado or Alice in Wonderland
Favourite Children's Song: Tiny Turtle

Simone Cooney

Afterschool Club Worker

Vicky Rice

1 to 1 Support Worker & Childcare Practitioner
I'm Vicky and I am a one to one support worker and childcare practitioner based in the Butterfly Room. I have a BTEC National Diploma in Childhood Studies. In my spare time I like doing the usual things, watching TV, reading, going for walks, seeing friends (now we're allowed again!). I have a little boy called Noah who is 5 and a half.

Favourite Activity to do at CCOOSC: Reading stories
Favourite Children's Film: The Lion King
Favourite Children's Song: Wheels on the Bus

Will Taylor

Afterschool Club Worker

Zainab Merzaie

Childcare Apprentice